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Holiday shopping habits uncovered

10 February 2016 - 14:48 by Graham Miller

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While mobiles and tablets may have taken over the e-commerce market in the past few years, it looks like laptops are still going strong when it comes to booking holidays, according to a new survey from RhythmOne.

50 per cent of respondents said that they use a traditional portable PC to organise overseas trips and domestic jaunts, rather than turning to a desktop computer or, indeed, to a smartphone.

There could be a number of reasons for this, including the ease of use that laptops offer over mobile devices and the larger displays giving holidaymakers a better view of the images added by travel agents and resorts.

The study also revealed that over a third of Brits are going to be heading on a holiday during the first few months of the year, with most choosing to travel over 100 miles from where they live.

43 per cent said that they do make use of smartphones and tablets in order to plan their trips, but under a fifth said that they solely choose to stick to portable devices when carrying out safe shopping online for holidays.

31 per cent said that when they are on holiday they actually end up using their portable devices far more than normal, suggesting that people find it hard to truly disconnect from the digital realm, even when they are supposed to be unwinding.

Female respondents indicated a greater eagerness to search for and book holidays via safe shopping online than their male counterparts. Almost two thirds of the women questioned said that they had already begun to plot out their next trip, compared with just under 50 per cent of men.

Women are also twice as likely to visit the website of a potential destination and engage on social media, which reflects a high degree of tech savvy.