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Harrods supports e-commerce game site aimed at teen audience

24 October 2012 - 13:13 by Sarah Collinson

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Harrods may be known for its famed London department store, but it is looking to expand into the online space, with a new endorsement deal for a website which targets youngsters who love fashion and shopping.

The site in question is called Stardoll and it deals in digital garments and other items via its deep game world. It has an estimated 200 million unique users in the child and early teen market and allows users to buy virtual clothing and accessories, which can then be added to onscreen avatars.

Harrods has opened its own virtual store on Stardoll which is actually located on its own, unlike other retail outlets within the site's game universe, that are collectively housed in the Starplaza shopping centre.

Users of the site can spend around 5 in order to acquire Stardollars, the currency used to purchase digital items within the service.

The range of clothes being offered by Harrods includes those taken from its freshly launched Junior Collection, which has also received new coverage in its bricks and mortar store. Users of Stardoll can expect to pay between 20 and 28 Stardollars for items from the Harrods range.

This approach to safe shopping online relies entirely on a virtual economy, in which digital items are traded for credits that have a real monetary value.

It is increasingly common to see online games monetising content in this way and even social networking sites like Facebook have taken a similar tact.

Harrods spokesperson, Torly Grimshawe, said that joining forces to open a virtual store in Stardoll would allow the retailer to improve its standing in the world of safe shopping online and digital fashion.

It will also mean that youngsters are introduced to Harrods as a brand, long before they might otherwise have encountered it.