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Half-Hour Home Deliveries Available from Lloyds Pharmacy Thanks to Deliveroo Partnership

30 June 2020 - 16:47 by Graham Miller

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People hoping to buy medicines and other pharmaceutical products via safe shopping online without having to wait a day or more for delivery can now take advantage of a super-speedy delivery option being implemented by Lloyds Pharmacy, according to Internet Retailing.

Customers will be able to get items they order online dropped off on their doorsteps within 30 minutes of completing the e-commerce transaction, thanks to the fact that the firm has struck a deal with courier company Deliveroo.

While Deliveroo has predominantly become known in the UK for delivering food from restaurants and takeaways, in the wake of the ongoing pandemic it has also shifted its service to cover a wider range of outlets and products. Now its couriers will be able to deliver vital items from Lloyds Pharmacy’s extensive range to those who need them the most without the usual holdups.

While not all of the firm’s products will be covered by the service, at least 50 different items have been added to the Deliveroo application this week.

For the time being only those located within close reach of 16 Lloyds Pharmacy outlets around the country, including in places such as Cambridge and Southampton, will be able to get home deliveries in half an hour from the app. However, it has plans to more than double this coverage in the near future, with this initial trial being something of a proof of concept.

During the COVID-19 crisis, pharmacies remained open due to the vital role they play in maintaining public health, although with social distancing measures in place they could not operate as normal. Indeed, the most vulnerable people, those advised to shield at home rather than venturing out at all, had no choice but to rely on online orders to get medical supplies. The partnership with Deliveroo will make life easier for many.