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H & M Launches US E-commerce Site

06 August 2013 - 13:54 by Simon Crisp

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After years of dallying over the matter, high street fashion chain H & M has finally pulled the trigger and launched its official outlet for safe shopping online in the US. There have been two failed attempts to complete this process in the past, according to Mail Online, but finally it has caught up with rivals by entering the hotly contested American e-commerce market.

British buyers have been able to purchase products from H & M's various ranges via the web for some time now, but it has been absent from this market on the other side of the Atlantic, leading to some industry insiders to speculate that it might actually have a tougher time making up for lost ground than it would have in the past.

One of the benefits of H & M joining the e-commerce market in the US is that it will open up its products to a much wider audience, since postal deliveries can reach a larger percentage of the population than its bricks and mortar stores. Of course if you want to buy something from H & M through safe shopping online and you live in the UK, you can do so right now without worrying about any of the teething problems which will inevitably impact its US equivalent.

The British market for online shopping is a little more developed than it is in North America, with a proportionally greater amount of UK consumers spending their cash via e-commerce sites. This means that companies like H & M can launch online platforms over here with confidence that they will be a success, because there is already an established audience. H & M is less guaranteed to secure significant sales across the pond because of its late arrival, but hopefully it will manage to carve a niche and prove popular with American youngsters.