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Grocery Deliveries to Holiday-Makers Offered by Morrisons

18 March 2019 - 10:34 by Sarah Collinson

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Supermarket giant Morrison’s is running a small-scale scheme which allows customers to order groceries via safe shopping online and have them delivered during their stay at a Centre Parcs holiday lodge.

Internet Retailing reports that this test run of the service could be rolled out to all Centre Parcs locations if it proves popular, with the idea being that vacationing consumers will be able to save themselves the trouble of taking all of the food they need for their trip away along with them.

While Morrison’s was fairly late to the online grocery delivery market, it has managed to catapult itself into contention alongside the likes of Sainsbury’s and Tesco by working with third-party providers, including Ocado. This has meant that it did not need to invest a lot of time and money in developing its own fulfilment technologies and instead could start catering to customers’ needs as quickly as possible.

A the moment around three-quarters of the UK population live in areas which are covered by Morrison’s delivery service, and while the addition of Centre Parcs as an option may not increase this by a significant margin, it is yet another indication that the firm is willing to be innovative and try to reach people in previously untapped areas of the e-commerce market.

On-site grocery delivers may become common at holiday parks across the UK if there is enough of an uptake for this scheme. Of course, for people taking trips to rental cottages and self-catering accommodation in many areas, it will still be possible to order goods via safe shopping online, so the novelty may not be that significant.

Morrison’s has recently reported a strong financial performance for the past year, making £12 million in profit for its e-commerce offerings alone.