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Google Heads To YouTube To Educate and Influence

19 May 2010 - 09:01 by Mike Price

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Few would dispute the level of ambition demonstrated by search giant Google. Not content with dominating the natural search landscape, the company is now targeting the online retail sector. A few years ago, it launched Google Checkout, an online payment processing service that stores consumer's card details to simplify and add a further level of security to safe shopping online, in direct competition with other payment providers such as PayPal.

Whilst Google Checkout has already enjoyed significant uptake in a number of markets, Google has now added a channel to the ever popular video sharing site YouTube. In doing so, it aims to help online retailers with a series of web videos which will highlight how effective Google's e-commerce tools can be in reassuring consumers as to just how safe shopping online can be and in improving retailer productivity and security.

The YouTube channel is currently in its infancy, with just two videos posted, both of should be of use to aspiring online retailers. The videos explore the processes behind Google checkout, explaining how to organise delivery information and how to work out pricing and VAT.

Google clearly has big plans for the new video channel, with a range of new material scheduled for the next few months. One such video will explore the processes involved in correctly dealing with customer refunds, always a topic of interest to online retailers, whilst other videos will answer frequently asked questions about the Google e-commerce tools.

Consumers can post issues on the channel for which Google will then attempt to provide explanations via video, making the channel an interactive venture in true social media style. The search giant is no doubt hoping that these videos will not only educate but also help to influence consumers and retailers to choose Google's services over those of its rivals.