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Free shipping trumps quicker delivery in consumer study

01 August 2017 - 10:16 by Graham Miller

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The latest poll from Temando has revealed that nearly nine in 10 people in the UK would rather have the option of getting the items they order via safe shopping online delivered free of charge rather than receiving them as fast as possible.

This goes against the assumptions being made by retailers themselves, as the consensus among most e-commerce outlets is that speedier shipping is a priority in terms of its appeal to prospective customers.

Because of this, under a third of sites provide safe shopping online with free delivery, while 25 per cent avoid mentioning that they even have such an option available when attempting to engage with consumers.

When Brits are questioned about their e-commerce preferences, value for money is often at the top of the agenda. And in this study, an impressive 58 per cent of respondents said that they would be more likely to buy online if they did not have to pay for delivery.

This study contrasts slightly against the results of a new YouGov report that looks into how the rise in smart technology is increasing impatience among shoppers, especially those who fall into the millennial age group.

Four in five people aged under 35 said that they tend to be keen to adopt new technologies because they offer them a means of getting access to the products and services they want much faster than before.

Sixty one per cent said that a wait time of over 45 minutes would be unacceptable following the placing of an online order for a fast food delivery. Close to a quarter said that the idea of waiting more than 10 minutes for a cab was similarly unacceptable, highlighting the impact that apps like Uber have had on consumer patience levels.