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Former Spice Girl builds hype for e-commerce launch

29 January 2013 - 09:36 by Sarah Collinson

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A number of the world's most entrepreneurial celebrities have got involved in the e-commerce market in recent years, seeing potential to invest their cash in safe shopping online and get a better rate of return than if they just left it sitting in the bank.

Victoria Beckham, the pop star turned supreme WAG and fashion icon, is the latest figure to dip her toes into online shopping. In fact, she is launching her own site in February and has been busy promoting it this month, according to Grazia.

The most recent bit of marketing material is a 17 second viral video, in which Victoria can be heard talking about people's expectations for the site. The video also showcases some of the actual garments that will be sold via this e-commerce fashion emporium, so fans and potential customers can get an idea of what to expect when it goes live.

Beckham has not been the only creative force behind the site, since it is actually being designed and managed by a company that has a track record for success in the online world of fashion retail.

Anyone who follows celebrity news will be aware that Beckham is actually now back in the UK and living here full time, after spending several years in the US. That means she should probably have a bit more time to spend on administering her latest business venture, in the competitive and exciting industry of safe shopping online.

You can expect that Beckham's site will be packed with boutique items and price tags that match the kind of premium products that she herself would buy. The site itself may not be selling anything quite yet, but it does have a lot of media content online, for those who want to get a better appreciation for what it will eventually offer.