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Error means Asda customers get 50 pounds online discount

14 October 2013 - 14:03 by Graham Miller

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Asda has worked quickly to address a glitch which emerged late last week, as many customers found that they could order their groceries online and use a voucher to get the items, virtually free of charge.

The £50 discount could be applied to orders even if they were just over £50, which meant that shoppers were capable of squeezing a real bargain out of Asda, or so they thought.

The company released a statement to BBC News, in which it revealed that it was finding a solution to the issue and, unluckily for those who had already used the so-called rogue code, would not be fulfilling the deliveries.

Many customers who had heard about the deal and rushed to order items online, to attempt to take advantage, were disappointed when they received the news about Asda's wave of cancellations.

However, it seems that with such a glaring error that could have cost the company millions, there is only one route available to the retailer.

An apology from Asda was released, as well as a nod to the terms and conditions which it includes with all online vouchers. Effectively, it has the ability to withdraw or cancel these discount codes whenever it feels like it, which is a sensible clause to have in place, if glitches like this are going to arise.

There are still plenty of other entirely legitimate online discounts that consumers can use to save cash with high street outlets and e-commerce sites. But as in this case, when a deal sounds like it is too good to be true, it is likely that either the voucher has been issued in error, or you are being exploited by scammers, so keep on your toes.