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Electric Delivery Van Uptake Gathers Pace

13 May 2019 - 10:06 by Mike Price

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The number of zero-emission vans and other delivery vehicles being used in the UK by logistics firm DPD is set to grow significantly over the coming years, according to Internet Retailing.

This is good news for people who want to carry out safe shopping online without worrying about whether or not their order will have a significant carbon footprint, since these vehicles take advantage of onboard batteries and electric motors rather than traditional combustion engines.

By 2021 a tenth of DPD’s fleet will be all-electric, equating to around 550 vehicles in total, including a mid-sized panel van as well as a compact single-seater buggy that is well suited to delivery runs in busy cities like London.

There are other benefits to switching to electric vehicles, including the lower noise levels since the loud sound of a diesel engine is entirely eliminated. This means that they are able to work around the clock without becoming a nuisance in residential areas.

In terms of limitations, these commercial EVs do suffer from significantly smaller ranges than their traditional equivalents. DPD’s latest van acquisition can only cover 93 miles between charges and will take a full six hours to have its onboard battery replenished with enough energy for another run.

Luckily, these vehicles are being positioned as the perfect solution for final-mile delivery, meaning they will take on stop-start journeys in towns and urban areas across the country. This makes their restricted range less relevant, while the ability to recharge the batteries overnight will also be a benefit in such scenarios.

Many of the nation’s other major delivery firms are following suit in an effort to become greener, so soon this trend will result in electric vans becoming a common sight at the end of all online order journeys.