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E-commerce venture from famous twins is operational

05 July 2011 - 15:34 by Sarah Collinson

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The Olsen twins may be best known for their childhood spent starring in lucrative movies, TV shows and computer game franchises, but sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley have proven to be prudent businesswomen in their 20s, with their latest project launching them into the world of e-commerce.

Earlier in the year it was reported that the twins would be launching StyleMint, an online fashion service which hopes to win over customers because of the bespoke clothing which it creates, adding a level of customisation and personality which few others can hope to match.

Launching in the US this month, StyleMint is part of the BeachMint family of sites which provide safe shopping online and cover everything from jewellery to accessories.

The concept behind StyleMint is that users will be able to buy styles on a monthly basis rather than becoming outright owners of the clothes. In the early stages after the launch of StyleMint there will be eight options available, each costing the equivalent of about £17.

The personalisation of this e-commerce site comes into action because customers will answer questionnaires and help the designers create clothes and looks which match up to the expectations.

Mary-Kate Olsen spoke out about StyleMint and the hopes which she and her sister have for the novel service. She said that the site had been created in order to promote the possibility of direct interaction with users where usually the consumer has to play a passive role in the world of fashion.

The idea of crow-sourcing styles is not an entirely new one but it certainly seems that the arrival of StyleMint will pave the way for similar services which expand upon the potential of safe shopping online in the US and further afield, according to the Telegraph.