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E-commerce sales help Sainsburys achieve greater growth

15 November 2013 - 11:44 by Simon Crisp

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This week Sainsbury's announced that its market share had hit 16.8 per cent, which is the biggest chunk it has controlled for over ten years, according to the Guardian.

The main reason for its impressive performance is that it has been able to secure significant success with safe shopping online and has, in particular, seen consumers buying more of its own-brand products via the web than ever before.

While announcing its earnings, Sainsbury's also revealed that it expects to see sales rise even further, with the growing strength of the British economy likely to aid its growth in the coming years.

Tesco remains the UK's biggest supermarket chain, but Sainsbury's is in with a chance of kicking Asda out of second place, if it continues to harness e-commerce to its advantage.

It even managed to exceed the expectations of analysts by making a pre-tax profit of ?400 million in the past six months.

A significant increase in the amount of people buying products through safe shopping online, as well as an expansion of its convenience stores, have made Sainsbury's a leading light when it comes to retail growth, both on the web and in the high street.

E-commerce sales were up by 15 per cent in the first half of the year, with convenience store purchases rising by a fifth.

The use of a price comparison project called Brand Match, to pay back the difference to consumers who could have got their shopping cheaper elsewhere, has also been identified as one of the factors which contributed to growth at Sainsbury's in 2013.

It is obviously very good news for shareholders, but customers are also able to benefit, thanks to the range of e-commerce and in-store options that the company is currently offering them.