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24 January 2012 - 12:40 by Sarah Collinson

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Discount hotel room site,, has invested in a new type of online experience for its users, allowing each visitor to get a tailored overview of its offers and services every time they surf.

A growing number of companies are attempting to expand the potential of their portals for safe shopping online, so that users are not just getting a one size fits all front page, but a more individual site which is based on their preferences and prior habits.

LateRooms spokesperson, Jessica Reading, said that the site was trying to increase conversion rates so that users who visit will be more likely to make a purchase if they are able to see listings they will like, rather than irrelevant content, that could lead them to use rival businesses in their search for affordable travel options.

Users are not only influenced by a more intuitive, bespoke experience during safe shopping online, but can also be swayed by simple things like the colour of menu icons and even the font which is on display, according to Reading. This shows just how important optimising sites to truly engage visitors can be in the fight for customers.

Personalising websites is not a particularly new idea but it is definitely one which is beginning to permeate the wider e-commerce market. Targeted advertising from Google and Facebook will be familiar to anyone who regularly uses their services, but LateRooms is taking this to the next level for a more active level of participation by users.

Surveys have shown that user satisfaction is steadily increasing in the world of e-commerce and it is the moves towards personalisation which could help push things forward over the coming months. While this may not be a selling point for everyone, it is certainly not a negative thing.