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E-Commerce App Downloads Double as UK Lockdown Takes Effect

25 March 2020 - 11:38 by Graham Miller

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Consumers across the country downloaded twice as many apps in the past week than would normally be expected, according to statistics published by Poq.

This is being directly linked to the imposition of tougher restrictions on movement made necessary to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, with more Brits taking steps to ensure that they can access the goods they need via safe shopping online now that many bricks and mortar outlets have been forced to close their doors.

Analysts expect that up to a quarter of all e-commerce traffic could be channelled through standalone mobile apps over the course of the year, meaning that there is even more influence held by this type of solution.

Interestingly enough, the figures also show that although the uptake of shopping apps has been steep in the last week, it is still way behind levels seen over the course of the Black Friday weekend. In spite of this, experts expect that there will be a more sustained increase in e-commerce app downloads in the course of the next month and beyond, depending on how long coronavirus-based retail restrictions are in place.

The biggest impact is understandably being felt through grocery apps, although clothing purchases are also on the rise, according to study spokesperson Michael Langguth. He said that people were splashing out on fashion products, although clearly the focus was on more comfortable garments which are well suited to relaxing at home rather than those designed for painting the town red.

Mobile browsers still account for about two-thirds of e-commerce traffic at the moment, although it now seems that apps have overtaken desktop use and will continue to make gains in 2020, even as people are at home and have better access to laptops and traditional PCs.