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eBay announces rebranding of

04 April 2013 - 10:24 by Mike Price

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Online auction site, eBay, which is the current owner of, has this week revealed its plans to turn this valuable web property into a fully fledged e-commerce advertising outlet. has been under eBay ownership since 2005 and at the moment, it acts only as a conduit for price comparison, allowing people to compare the cost of products across multiple channels of safe shopping online.

However, Retail Gazette reports that eBay's Ryan Kemp announced the rebranding exercise would effectively eradicate the price comparison elements and, instead, allow advertisers a new way to engage with consumers.

Indeed, the brand is to be completely removed, replaced instead with the slightly less catchy eBay Commerce Network moniker.

Mr Kemp said that eBay is keen to help out online retailers who may not fully appreciate the best way to market their services online. As such, the eBay Commerce Network will allow them to work out the best ways to connect with consumers by analysing the vast amounts of data that retailers typically accrue when selling products via safe shopping online.

The upshot of this is that is likely to become less focused around actually servicing consumer needs and more geared towards catering to the requirements of advertisers and retailers.

eBay will probably be hoping that it will also be able to promote its own online auction service, even after the rebrand, while dispensing expert advice to retailers that are not currently taking full advantage of all the advertising avenues available to them.

This kind of rebranding exercise is often important, particularly in the online market, where attention spans can be short and attentions need to be grabbed quickly, or else retailers risk losing customers permanently. eBay itself revised its logo in 2012, streamlining the look while retaining the colour.