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Domino's Pizza Plans Ominchannel Retail Attack

07 July 2014 - 11:11 by Mike Price

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Domino's Pizza has been one of the UK's real online success stories in recent years, dramatically increasing the number of customers placing orders for food via safe shopping online, thanks to a combination of its desktop site and dedicated smartphone applications.

But according to Marketing Week, the company is now gearing up to embrace an omnichannel approach to selling fast food, integrating many different platforms in a way that means consumers will get a consistent, uncomplicated shopping experience, no matter how they choose to buy.

Attaining seamlessness in an omnichannel environment is not an easy task. And yet it is one that a growing number of retailers are attempting to execute, since it is the best way to ensure that consumers are satisfied with their favourite companies.

Ultimately, Domino's is hoping to blend both its in-store experience with its outlets that offer shopping online, leading to increased customer loyalty and further sales growth across the country.

To achieve this, it is not only working on its mobile apps and website, but also looking to integrate other platforms, including social networking services such as Facebook and even on-demand video solutions, including 4OD and Sky Go.

Advertising tie-ins with apps is not uncommon, but Domino's wants to attack the disconnect which can exist between the in-app experience and the content provided by the advertiser.

While the company did not have specific details on exactly what would be involved in its omnichannel assault, it is hoping generally to make sure that it can tailor its promotions to the habits of consumers.

A wealth of information about how people behave and what they like is available through social networking, so presumably this will be a powerful tool for Domino's Pizza and many of its rivals as they attempt to sell items online.