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Disney Frozen leads global Halloween costume search frenzy

04 November 2014 - 10:21 by Sarah Collinson

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Last week Halloween fever gripped the globe, with millions of people carrying out web searches, in an attempt to buy costumes online. And a report, from SLI Systems, has looked at the most common fancy dress-related searches in the run-up to the popular event, determining that Disney’s animated hit, Frozen, was responsible for the most sought-after costumes this year.

Almost 1.2 million searches were made for Frozen costumes alone, including characters such as heroine, Elsa, and sidekicks like Olaf the snowman. This is interesting not just because of how enduringly popular Frozen remains a year after its release, but also because it breaks the Halloween mould by not being particularly spooky.

863,000 searches for zombie-related costumes were made, putting dressing up as a shambling corpse in second place. Zombies have long been a Halloween costume staple, but the success of US TV drama, The Walking Dead, has helped to catapult them above other dress-up ideas.

Pirates, clowns, witches and vampires occupy the next few slots in the search table, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-related queries coming in at number eight, with over half a million searches. This is thanks to the release of the Michael Bay-produced cinematic reboot, which was released in the UK last month.

Whatever costume or occasion is on the mind of consumers, the internet provides them with the best place to get inspiration and also to buy fancy dress via safe shopping online. Social media sites have also been a great place for people to share their Halloween creations and help others find something out of the ordinary.

In fact, for people who are committed to taking an alternative route with their Halloween costumes next year, this list of popular searches could help to show you what other people are thinking, so that you can avoid encountering someone with duplicate dress sense in 2015.