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Desktop shopping slumps while laptops and smartphones gain traction

10 October 2016 - 12:25 by Paul Tissington

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When it comes to shopping online, most people prefer to make purchases while using a laptop computer, according to a new study from Tryzens.

Second place in the rankings went to smartphones, while tablet computers were found to be the third most popular platform for e-commerce.

Meanwhile, desktop PCs came only in fourth position, suggesting that their once dominant position has been usurped.

The desktop's fall from grace has been fairly swift when you consider that in the previous report into usage patterns they were still holding on to second place above smartphones and tablets.

Using websites to access safe shopping online is still the principal approach taken embraced by consumers, although dedicated mobile apps offered by specific retailers now account for around six per cent of browsing and sales.

Report spokesperson, Andy Burton, told Internet Retailing that smartphone shopping was experiencing greater growth than any other part of the market. This means that it is essential for outlets to invest in perfecting their m-commerce offerings or face the prospect of losing customers to rivals.

He said that those retailers which have already invested in mobile are already reaping the rewards, not only in terms of higher sales but also improved customer satisfaction, thanks to the range of support services which can be offered on portable platforms.

The average retail journey is now a multifaceted one, with people combining smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops in order to search for and, ultimately, purchase the items they desire. So it is unwise for companies to completely discount platforms simply because they are no longer in the limelight.

The omnichannel approach to retail is one advocated by many industry analysts, but requires investment and commitment on the part of retailers to realise effectively.