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Demand for Retro Entertainment Products Predicted to Rise

23 August 2019 - 09:42 by Graham Miller

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While smartphones and tablets may be a common source of fun for youngsters in the modern age, analysts at Argos have predicted that there will be a significant spike in the number of more traditional toys being sold across the UK during the Bank Holiday weekend this month.

Internet Retailing reports that the fine weather which is on the cards over the next few days will result in greater demand for products which fall into a more ‘retro’ category than the usual electronic devices that tend to dominate at other times of the year.

There is already evidence of this trend taking hold, with a 40 per cent uptick in the sales of the ice-treat-making toy Mr Frosty reported in the past week as people prepare to keep their kids cool and stave off boredom in the summer sun.

Slush Puppie makers have also seen a rapid resurgence in popularity, with an 88 per cent rise in purchases of this product reported by Argos.

There are other reasons behind retro toys like this becoming more popular, aside from the weather alone. 80s-themed entertainment properties like Stranger Things, which has gained a cult following on streaming service Netflix, are helping to introduce a new generation of consumers to the kinds of toys that their parents played with when they were younger.

Argos spokesperson Juliet Ward said that even with the rise of smartphone applications as the primary form of entertainment for children, there was still room for toys that do not rely on handheld digital devices to return to prominence.

Sunny conditions are encouraging kids to get outdoors and play with different items from bygone eras, including Swingball sets, water slides and other modern takes on classic retro products that are sold nationwide via safe shopping online.