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Debenhams jumps on click and collect bandwagon

30 August 2018 - 15:20 by Graham Miller

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Department store chain Debenhams is embracing the popularity of click and collect by offering customers the opportunity to pick up packages ordered via safe shopping online in any of its outlets nationwide.

The full scale rollout of this service, branded as ‘Doddle’, will continue until 2019, with an earlier trial of the scheme proving to be a success.

The hope is that it will both appeal to current customers who are already loyal to the firm and want to see its offerings expanded, as well as to consumers who have not necessarily ventured into one of its outlets recently but might do now that there is this e-commerce tie-in available.

The click and collect pickup points will be able to take delivery of items from a wide range of popular web-based brands, including Amazon and Asos. This means Debenhams is effectively embracing some of its rivals in a bid to convince more people to head out onto the high street.

Spokesperson, Ross Clemmow, said that the partnership represented by Doddle would not only cover collections, but also returns of items ordered via safe shopping online.

A total of 50 different sites will be covered by the service, with Clemmow explaining that the trial run had resulted in hundreds of thousands of packages being delivered, proving its viability.

Another reason to roll out this service more broadly is that 30 per cent of people who picked up something in-store went on to make an additional purchase, helping Debenhams to raise its own sales.

Furthermore, an impressive 40 per cent of people who used this click and collect service had not been compelled to investigate Debenhams’ bricks and mortar locations in the past, meaning that it no doubt won over quite a few new customers.