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Customer data leak claims hit Amazon

18 September 2018 - 11:33 by Mike Price

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E-commerce behemoth Amazon is reportedly in the process of looking into allegations regarding the leaking of personal info by its staff in return for cash payments, according to the Guardian.

Claims suggest that some employees are taking bungs in return for sales data and other sensitive details in order to help third party sellers that rely on Amazon’s marketplace service to reach customers in certain parts of the world.

Chinese sellers are particularly eager to get backdoor access to this information, according to the investigation, as Amazon’s presence in the country is picking up pace and the retailer is attempting to fight back against the large number of illegitimate user reviews being posted at the moment.

The intention of user reviews is to provide customers with an idea of whether products live up to expectations, but this system has been subverted for years by brands and sellers using shady tactics.

In response to these rumours, Amazon has confirmed that it is looking into the matter and will take swift action to fire and even prosecute any members of staff that are found to have breached its internal code of conduct or relevant legislation.

As a firm that prides itself on being able to offer safe shopping online to almost any consumer worldwide, Amazon relies on a good reputation for honesty and impartiality, especially when it comes to the way that product information and reviews are presented.

It may find it hard to combat fake feedback if bribes are being accepted by employees to help nefarious sellers get around existing measures.

However, since this seems to be isolated to markets outside of the UK, for the time being Brits can continue enjoying safe shopping online with Amazon without fear that they will be manipulated in most cases.