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Criticism of Online Fashion Brand Boohoo Earns Promises of Improvements

07 July 2020 - 15:25 by Sarah Collinson

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As one of the biggest sites to offer clothing and accessories via safe shopping online in the UK, Boohoo has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks as a result of revelations published by the Sunday Times relating to the sub-par working conditions found within its supply chain.

The investigation found that workers at some factories which produce goods sold by Boohoo were earning significantly less than minimum wage for their efforts. Furthermore, there were concerns raised with regards to the fact that employees of these suppliers were required to inhabit enclosed spaces which did not adhere to social distancing rules during the pandemic.

In a statement from Boohoo, the brand said that it was taking steps to cut ties with any suppliers which did not meet standards for pay and working conditions while also pointing out that it wants to keep working with manufacturers based in the UK in order to meet the demands of its large customer base.

So-called ‘fast fashion’ has been in the spotlight for some time as a result of both the environmental and social impact that it can have in some cases. While outsourcing the production of clothing to other parts of the world where minimum standards are lower has long been cited as an issue with the industry, it now appears as if this is also a problem that needs to be tackled domestically as well.

Boohoo’s statement in response to the criticism also included a number of points relating to its own steps taken to boost sustainability in the recent past. Whether or not this will be enough to satisfy critics and customers remains to be seen, but it is good for consumers that brands can be held accountable in this way.