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Consumers Express Dissatisfaction with Shopping Apps

24 January 2017 - 11:03 by Paul Tissington

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The majority of people in the UK who have downloaded and used retail apps on their smartphones did not find the experience an especially satisfying one, according to the results of the latest survey from Apadmi.

60 per cent of respondents said that they had yet to encounter an app which offered them the ability to shop online which was able to live up to their expectations of user-friendliness, fluidity and functionality.

Close to a fifth of those questioned said that it would make sense for retailers to spend more money on improving the apps they offer, rather than allowing them to stagnate in their current state of imperfection.

Almost a third said that if more features were added, allowing them to enjoy safe shopping online via their smartphone with more flexibility, they would be compelled to harness an app more frequently as a result.

A quarter said that their opinion of a particular brand would be diminished if regular updates for its app were not rolled out, which hints at the growing emphasis that is being placed on cutting edge mobile experiences in this sector.

Apps have the potential to be an especially effective tool for online shopping because they offer a focused, enclosed experience that ensures retailers can engage directly with their customers. However, actually convincing people to download and then use an app is a challenge in itself, and one which some companies fail to overcome.

Mobile-savvy shoppers in the UK tend to turn to mobile-optimised websites when they shop online while out and about. If there were more retail apps which were able to satisfy their needs, then certain firms could gain a competitive edge and even shift trends in their favour, if only they were to invest.