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Consumers encouraged to shop healthily online

29 July 2011 - 10:06 by Graham Miller

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Many people buy all their groceries via safe shopping online in the UK but now new research suggests that by opting for healthier foodstuffs and still getting great deals, consumers can help lower the risk of contracting bowel cancer.

The best way to reduce the probability of becoming afflicted by this disease is to eat more fibre and cut down on the amount of processed foods and red meat you consume on a regular basis, according to Deborah Gilbert of Bowel & Cancer Research.

Over the past 40 years men in the UK have become twice as likely to contract bowel cancer and according to Cancer Research UK, this could be linked directly to diet.

One in 15 men will now be hit by bowel Cancer, which is worryingly high when you compare it to the same period in the 1970s, when only one in 29 would be similarly affected.

Women are less at risk, but today's figures suggest one in 19 will get bowel cancer at some point in their lives. This should help to drum home the message that choosing groceries carefully when you carry out safe shopping online with the supermarket of your choice is a good move.

Ms Gilbert said that while a change in diet would be a big preventative step in curtailing the risks of bowel cancer, should you suspect that you have a problem you should get a test rather than leave it to chance. She explained that many people, men in particular, would ignore symptoms and decline to be tested simply because they did not want to know, which she claims can risk the lives of many.

Buying groceries online is much less stressful than heading to packed shops, so you can take time to plan your list, get the products which will taste good and be good for you in the long run and save some cash.