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Consumers demand better security for online payments

14 July 2015 - 10:50 by Graham Miller

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Consumers are always looking to ensure that when they browse the internet for bargains, they are able to shop online in safety; the security of the payment process is key to ensuring that this is a possibility.

Now a new survey conducted by Walker Sands, has found that almost a fifth of people have been hit by some form of online fraud in the past, with major retailers to blame in most instances.

This poses a problem for companies trying to encourage trust amongst customers because, of course, unless their e-commerce sites are proven to be secure, people will be cautious about using them to make purchases.

Forty eight per cent of respondents to the study said that if they were confident in the security of an online payment system offered by a retailer, then they would be increasingly committed to shopping online.

This is a rise from the 42 per cent who were worried about security in a similar study in 2013, indicating that consumers are becoming more attuned to the need to think about security and the threats of fraud when using the internet.

Online fraud can occur in a number of ways, but ultimately, it is about the theft of personal information which makes it possible for third parties to exploit individuals.

Reputable retailers tend to have achieved their position of prominence as a result of being able to offer good levels of security, not just low prices. And there are some things that consumers can do to keep their data safe when shopping online, including using secure passwords.

Making purchases with a credit card can be advisable because of the anti-fraud measures that are in place within this industry, but finding a retailer you can trust is the best way to buy online with confidence.