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Consumers critical of e-commerce experience

17 February 2015 - 10:07 by Paul Tissington

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A new report, from Dyn, has found that just over a third of consumers from the UK believe that they get a better experience when they carry out safe shopping online than they do on the high street, according to Information Age.

Forty per cent of respondents to the study said that they were especially dissatisfied with the m-commerce experience, arguing that it is faster and less stressful to buy online from a desktop PC.

Thirty six per cent said that they will not be carrying out safe shopping online from a smartphone or tablet in 2015, indicating that retailers may need to work quickly to address the issues that are faced by any consumer wishing to use an m-commerce service.

There are some positive elements to take away from the report, although the biggest hurdle facing retailers is that consumers have now come to expect that m-commerce can match e-commerce, in terms of both the ease of interface use and the speed with which purchases can be made.

Fifty six per cent said that they want to see a parity between desktop and mobile shopping, so that they do not feel limited to using one platform or the other.

Social media’s impact was also revealed to be on the rise, with 45 per cent of those questioned saying that they could be compelled to carry out a purchase from sites like Facebook and Twitter, if the option to buy items from within these platforms was available.

As a result, consumers can expect brands to be targeting them more regularly with direct e-commerce offers through social media. And this again will cause a change in the way that people experience the internet, since it is increasingly becoming a tool for marketing as much as it is for communication.