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Consumer scepticism over info sharing revealed

05 July 2017 - 12:13 by Simon Crisp

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The majority of Brits lack confidence in the retail brands they rely upon to shop online when it comes to sharing their personal data.

This is according to a new report from ICLP, in which 71 per cent of respondents said that they were unlikely to actively choose to pass on private info to organisations which offer shopping online because they do not feel that this type of transaction is fairly rewarded.

Analysts found that although there is not universal hostility to the concept of letting retailers access consumer data, most people are unconvinced by what they receive in exchange for this act.

Forty eight per cent of those questioned said that they thought that any info that ended up in the hands of retailers would not be dealt with respectfully.

Under a third claimed that retailers they rely upon for safe shopping online did not keep track of their previous orders and so were not equipped to offer them compelling offers on subsequent site visits.

The results of this study tie in with the findings of another recent survey, this time carried out by Foresight Factory on behalf of the DMA. Just 55 per cent of respondents to this report said that they stuck with the same brands when shopping online, meaning that a sizeable chunk of the population are simply not willing to remain loyal to retailers they have used in the past.

Four in five said that they preferred to compare prices when shopping for a specific item. And with three quarters saying that they would be compelled to remain loyal if they received discounts that are relevant to their interests, there is a clear solution available to retailers who want to retain customers and win over newcomers to their sites.