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Children Aim to Become Retail Sector Influencers

31 January 2019 - 15:12 by David Aiken

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The lure of free gifts and the chance to make money from social media are proving to be very strong amongst young people today, with a new survey from Awin looking at the differences in career expectations between parents and their children.

While the top job choice cited as being expressed by kids is doctor, a traditional pursuit by all accounts, the fact that social media influencer was in second place shows just how much things are changing at the moment.

Youngsters are being constantly exposed to the influencer lifestyle via Instagram and YouTube, so they want to be able to follow in the footsteps of their favourite consumer icons. This is pushing other careers way down the priority list, even if using a presence on social media to advertise brands and make sales via safe shopping online is not that straightforward.

Fourth and fifth place on the list were vet and teacher - both jobs that are seen by parents as being positive and desirable as a long-term option for children.

Parents themselves put lawyer at the top of the pile, ahead of doctor and teacher, according to Internet Retailing.

Children are apparently motivated in their choice of an ideal career primarily by money, with fame coming in second on the list of priorities. Enjoyment ranks in third, with just 17 per cent citing this as the reason to take up a particular job.

45 per cent of parents admitted that they did not appreciate the ins and outs of a social media influencer’s responsibilities and career trajectory. 58 per cent were not even familiar with the idea that influencers get paid to do what they do.

As more retailers and brands look to influencers to advertise their products and services, the pipe dreams of teenagers could ultimately be fulfilled in the modern workplace.