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Cambridge shop creates novel online delivery solution

15 February 2013 - 12:38 by Graham Miller

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Cambridge is one of the UK's most famous and historic cities, with its venerable university drawing thousands of students and tourists to it each year.

It is also packed with cyclists who take advantage of the fact that the narrow streets are not the most ideal for motor vehicles.

But like many cities and towns, it has seen a major shift over the last few years as a growth in shopping online puts pressure on high street retailers.

But one local shop has come up with a relatively unique way to deliver products ordered online, with a solution that combines convenience and environmental friendliness, according to Cambridge News.

Independent retailer, Ark, has been established in the heart of the city for 11 years, but has only just launched an e-commerce site that lets customers buy products via safe shopping online.

While they can choose to have these delivered by next day postal service, it is also possible to get them sent out via cycle courier service.

There is of course a limit to how far the cycling delivery is available, but most of the city's residents should be able to enjoy carbon-neutral access to items they order online, through this intriguing service.

The products are delivered via a bicycle which has been specially customised to represent the brand of the shop and if this type of solution is a success, then it might be implemented by other local retailers.

Cambridge came out on top of a poll last year looking for the UK's most prevalent 'clone town,' which essentially means that most of the retailers it supports are part of major chains or franchises.

But with innovative e-commerce solutions being implemented by its independent retailers, it might become a more diverse place to shop in the future.