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Bus operator adopts advanced e-commerce platform

09 July 2013 - 10:16 by David Aiken

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This month one of the UK's biggest transport providers has announced the launch of a new online service that will allow customers to check schedules, buy their tickets and get the latest travel updates.

Arriva is using a private cloud computing infrastructure to power its new e-commerce platform, according to ComputerWeekly.

As well as offering safe shopping online for desktop and laptop users, the site has been designed to scale to suit those who are visiting from portable devices with touchscreen displays, thus allowing Arriva to address the growing m-commerce market.

Arriva is just one of a number of companies which is not only relied upon to provide web-based facilities for the purchasing of tickets, but also real time updates on information which is relevant to customers.

This means its e-commerce platform must be particularly resilient, since any outages or extended periods of downtime will damage its reputation and prove to be disruptive for customers.

Cloud computing will allow it to achieve improved uptime and meet the needs of users, whether they are using online payments to buy tickets or simply visiting to check whether their bus is on time.

Arriva handles 770 million passengers annually, according to e-commerce spokesperson, Campbell Williams. This means that during peak periods its site is placed under significant strain.

Using cloud computing to host its e-commerce outlet gives it the ability to scale its services to suit varying levels of traffic and also means that it can grow the capacity further, as passenger numbers increase in the future.

Cloud computing is becoming more important in the world of online shopping, particularly as the number of British consumers using the web to make purchases on a regular basis is still increasing and demands being placed on retailers remain significant.