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Burberry brings online experience to flagship outlet

17 September 2012 - 11:14 by Simon Crisp

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Burberry has recently opened up its revamped Regent Street store to members of the public and the fashion retailer has explicitly set out to try and make its new in-store experience as closely linked with its dedicated website as possible.

Burberry has been working hard to try and take advantage of as many modern media techniques as possible in recent months, with many of its real world events harnessing social networking sites like Twitter, in order to add a digital edge to proceedings.

The shop is decked out with 100 displays and a network of 500 speakers, which can operate independently, to showcase their own content, while also being able to synch up for staged showcases that are promised to dazzle visitors.

Using wireless transmitters built into the clothes, people who pick up certain items will see them as they were worn on the catwalk when they pass by particular screens, according to Creative Review.

This kind of interactivity is something that people will typically associate with safe shopping online, although Burberry has shown that this can indeed be brought into bricks and mortar outlets, albeit with a great deal of money spent on this particular setup.

Burberry has been busy working on its online presence with its own website, which allows customers to purchase products via safe shopping online, or indeed find out more information about its fashion shows and other events that are operated both in the UK and across the globe.

Few other fashion labels have been so willing to embrace digital services in order to progress in the modern world. Indeed, Burberry has managed to achieve this while also retaining its uniquely British style and also looking to the classic, vintage era which many of its ranges often reference.