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Brits to get access to start-selected e-commerce outlets

03 June 2013 - 14:06 by Sarah Collinson

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Consumers over in America may be familiar with the idea of being able to buy products from online catalogues that have been organised by celebrities, but this is something that may sound new and intriguing to many in the UK.

Retail Week reports that this is about to change, as the first celeb-curated outlet for safe shopping online is being established this month so that Brits can get their fill of e-commerce directed by the rich and famous.

ToTheTops is the site in question and it is being championed by big names, including Kimberly Wyatt, formerly of pop group, the Pussycat Dolls and industry experts including blogger, Bip Ling and beauty specialist, Liz Earle.

The idea is that these stars and trend-setters put together products that can then be purchased by average consumers via safe shopping online, effectively allowing them to own similar items to those that are favourites of the associated celebrities.

It may seem like a slightly strange state of affairs, but it is proving to be very lucrative across the pond. Beach Mint, for example, is a site that boasts collections from stars including Justin Timberlake and Rachel Bilson, which has managed to net it an estimated valuation of 150 million, after it received around 50 million in funding from investors.

Of course, in our celeb-obsessed culture, it is not surprising to see stars helping to shift products, but the idea of making this part of the e-commerce market is relatively novel.

In the UK, you can already buy items from a fashion site set up by Victoria Beckham, although this is aimed at offering a high-end, boutique style experience, while the other emerging outlets in this market niche are going to be targeting a wider, more mainstream audience.