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Brits Planning Less Boozy Christmas This Year

18 December 2018 - 10:01 by David Aiken

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The latest survey from GlobalWebIndex has thrown up some interesting facts about the shopping trends that are shaping the UK retail market in the run-up to Christmas 2018.

Perhaps the most surprising statistic to emerge from the study is that 57 per cent of consumers are going to commit under £50 of their festive buying budget to the purchase of alcoholic beverages, perhaps shattering the binge-drinking stereotypes that have emerged in recent years.

Two-thirds of those questioned said that they would be planning to splash out over £100 solely on grocery items, whether ordered via safe shopping online or picked up in-store.

Bargain-hunting shoppers will also be seeking out the best deals by visiting the cheaper supermarkets rather than paying more to shop with premium brands. This puts Aldi at the top of the pile in terms of pure customer numbers, as 28 per cent of people questioned in the report said that they would be heading to one of this particular retailer’s locations to stock up ahead of December 25th.

Even with the apparent frugality being exhibited by consumers, 46 per cent said that they were likely to end up spending a greater amount this year than they did in 2017. Price increases are blamed by the majority for this upwards trend, while a fifth said that they would be pushing the boat out as they had more disposable income available than in the past.

This study paints yet another mixed picture of retail in the UK, with consumers apparently willing to part with cash but only if the price is right and the value for money they are getting is apparent. So much variety and convenience is offered on the web that spending habits are being naturally pushed towards the frugal end of the spectrum.