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Boutique department store launches e-commerce site

30 March 2012 - 12:19 by Sarah Collinson

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Fenwick Bond Street is one of London's most respected designer department stores, known for its stocking of specialist brands that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Now you will no longer need to travel into the capital if you want to purchase some of the items which it acquires for its customers, because it has just launched, the only place to pick up certain ranges, via safe shopping online.

The Telegraph reports that the site is initially offering a limited selection of fashion items, which have been specifically chosen for online shoppers. That means that, unlike other e-commerce fashion outlets, including ASOS, you will not need to skim through thousands of products before you find the one you like.

Given the high end nature of the bricks and mortar store, do not expect to pick up anything for much less than £100 when using Fenwick's platform for safe shopping online. However, since the web is awash with cheap fashion items, there is certainly a niche in the market for the more bespoke, expensive experience.

Fenwick is promising to keep refreshing the site with new products to purchase each and every week, with monthly revivals occurring in order to keep fashion fans coming back again and again to test their credit limits.

Various reports have shown in recent months that the highest growth rates in the UK's online shopping market are regularly achieved by fashion sites, with more and more consumers from across the country picking up clothing and accessories on the web.

Because e-commerce allows stores like Fenwick to make their geographical location irrelevant and access a national or global audience, moving online is beneficial for both the businesses and consumers. Similar outlets will no doubt be watching Fenwick's progress with interest.