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Benetton could enter UK's e-commerce market

03 August 2012 - 13:20 by Sarah Collinson

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Yet another major fashion brand could be joining the throngs of others competing for British consumers' attentions, as it was this week announced that United Colors of Benetton will be striding out in various European marketplaces, with its emerging e-commerce presence.

At first Benetton will only be creating sites for safe shopping online in places like France, Germany and Spain, although the company is thought to be considering the UK market as a prime target for its next e-commerce launch.

Prior to this point, it has not been possible for fans of the firm to actually purchase its products direct via the web, although that will all change on August 15th.

Benetton would actually be sensible to take a stab at entering the UK market, since fashion sales made by safe shopping online have consistently risen in recent years.vvvvv

The company is also looking to turn around its fortunes after its revenues dipped by 5.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2012.

Company spokesperson, Gianluca Pastore, told Marketing Magazine that she believes there is a real place for Benetton in the online marketplace, which is why it is investing so much money in enhancing its presence and rolling out European e-commerce.

Pastore said that Benetton will eventually be spending around 80 per cent of its media budget on digital outlets, including safe shopping online, which should give it more than enough capital to enter the UK before too long.

Interestingly, the UK has proven to be very supportive of fashion products and brands from all areas of the spectrum, with affordable items selling well alongside far more expensive and high end products.

Consumers who are particularly interested in style will be clamouring for Benetton to speed up its emergence online in the UK.