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Beer maker seeks sales boost via e-commerce innovations

07 March 2016 - 10:07 by Graham Miller

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AB InBev is one of the UK’s biggest beverage makers and the firm is hoping to engage fans of craft beer across the country by embracing e-commerce and experimenting with new ways of getting people to buy its products via safe shopping online.

The Drum reports that in addition to launching m-commerce apps for various brands, including Budweiser, the firm is looking to appeal to people who have begun looking outside of the mainstream beer brands and, instead, seeking drinks from less well known and emerging breweries.

While some companies have chosen to strike out alone and create their own platforms for safe shopping online, others have found greater success by working with existing retailers. And it is likely that the strengthening of a partnership with Amazon, as well as traditional high street supermarkets including Tesco, will be on the cards for both AB InBev and its competitors.

Consumers are clearly looking for more convenience when ordering food and other consumables, which is why the ability to get alcoholic drinks delivered at home is something a number of retailers are looking to promote.

Company chief exec, Carlos Brito, explained that his team is working to cut down on the amount of time that it takes for beer to get from retail outlets to the homes of shoppers, which sounds like a problem that could be solved by the same day and even one hour delivery options available via Amazon Prime Now, in certain parts of the UK.

This approach is already being embraced for other grocery items, meaning that online shopping of the future may be based around retailers offering the same immediacy as a trip to the local convenience store, without the hassle of consumers actually having to visit it in person.