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Augmented Reality Integration Improves ASOS Sizing Capabilities

17 January 2020 - 13:11 by Graham Miller

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Fashion site ASOS has introduced a new feature called ‘See My Fit’ which makes use of augmented reality (AR) tech in order to provide customers with a better idea of whether or not particular examples of its clothing will be suitable for them.

NBC News reports that the initial trial of this solution is being used to iron out any kinks and optimise its ability to ensure that people are shown products that are right for them.

Inclusivity is another aim of this move, since ASOS is expanding the variety of models which are used to showcase its clothing on its site, giving customers a more accurate representation of how each garment will look on someone with a similar body shape to them.

Buying clothing via safe shopping online is often a process which involves a bit of trial and error, which is why millions of people in the UK buy several versions of the same item in different sizes and then send back the ones which do not fit.

Using AR should help to cut down on the need for such time-consuming and wasteful approaches to online fashion shopping while also making sure that people of all shapes and sizes feel like they are being represented on one of the world’s biggest clothing sites.

Many customers have spoken out in favour of ASOS’s decision to improve AR capabilities and cater to the needs of a wider audience without making people feel like they are being excluded because of the standard body type seen on many models.

This kind of trend is likely to spread to other outlets given the buzz that it is generating, and so a new era of inclusive online fashion shopping looks set to be brought about thanks to a company listening to the demands of its customers.