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ASOS Adds New Payment Option to Online Offering

18 December 2019 - 13:20 by David Aiken

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Customers of fashion retailer ASOS can now choose to spread the cost of their latest purchase over three instalments rather than shelling out upfront for the fashion items they order via safe shopping online.

This option arrives as an addition to its existing delayed payment plan, which originally only allowed for a reprieve of 30 days, effectively tripling the amount of leeway that cash-strapped shoppers have available to them.

It is worth bearing in mind that there is still an upfront cost in the form of the first third of the total payment value being required at the point of checkout. 30 days later the second slice will be drawn automatically, and then 30 days further down the line the final balance will be paid off.

The aim is to give customers more flexibility rather than requiring them to save up over longer periods. It also means that people will make purchases on more of a whim rather than having to worry about their immediate budgetary restrictions, which should be alleviated by the time the second and third payments are taken.

Company spokesperson Eve Williams said that by giving customers more choice, both in terms of the products on offer as well as the payment options available, it was possible for ASOS to meet the needs of its increasingly diverse user base.

The scheme will be operated in conjunction with Klarna, a firm that has stepped in to introduce the buy-now-pay-later concept to the world of e-commerce.

Klarna has already found success with similar payment options being provided to consumers in the US, and so now with its ASOS partnership it will set out to bring similar features to customers who want to order clothing online in the UK without having to wait.