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Asda rolls out redesigned shopping site

08 September 2015 - 10:27 by Sarah Collinson

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Asda customers who head to the firm’s homepage this month will notice that it has been updated with a fresh new look and feel, that is intended to improve upon the previous interface in a number of ways, according to The Drum.

As well as helping direct people to the parts of the site which allow them to carry out safe shopping online, the homepage has also been augmented with features that are intended to make it more of a destination for consumers who are interested in the retailer from a lifestyle perspective.

This, essentially, means that customers will be able to see which products are trending at any given time, adding a social element to safe shopping online which should, ultimately, result in greater engagement and more sales for Asda.

Annually, Asda’s site is visited by over 46 million people and the company has already seen an improvement in the number of people who stick around to check out its various online offerings ever since the new home page went live. On a daily basis, more people are interacting with the content on the page and it is not just the grocery side of its e-commerce business that is benefitting, but also the George fashion and home ware brands, that can also be purchased online.

The site is intended to work just as well on smartphones as it does on desktop PCs, which is an immensely important factor, given the sheer number of consumers who now start their e-commerce journey from a portable device.

Achieving mobile-friendliness has resulted in a reduction to the clutter of the home page itself, according to a spokesperson for the firm. And if it continues to add new elements, like the trending products feature, then it could lead to its competitors following suit.