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Apple ranked as best m-commerce retailer

19 January 2012 - 11:43 by Sarah Collinson

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It is perhaps not particularly surprising that Apple has won the respect of consumers with its m-commerce platforms, given that it is responsible for the creation of the iPhone, but a new study has found that shoppers consider it to be the best company for the job, when it comes to making purchases on the move.

Figures published by ForeSee, suggest that Apple's m-commerce experience is the most satisfactory in the business, based on responses from over 23,000 consumers.

These results are based on the US market, but they can be easily compared to the UK, where most of the front-runners provide safe shopping online as well.

Apple scored 85 out of a possible 100 points for satisfaction, putting it just one point ahead of e-commerce company Amazon.

Interestingly, people actually consider Apple's m-commerce platforms better than its desktop-based e-commerce site, as this only achieved a rating of 83.

Most people tend to find that the tools for online shopping are easier to use on a traditional laptop or desktop computer, but Apple is turning the tables and giving its mobile customers a better experience.

ForeSee spokesperson, Larry Freed, said that consumers were beginning to expect that m-commerce apps and mobile-optimised sites would be able to offer as convenient an experience for safe shopping online as their desktop equivalent.

As a result, this can leave some companies looking a little behind the times if they are unprepared to accept visitors who are using smartphones or tablets with touchscreen displays, rather than a computer with a mouse and keyboard to do their online shopping.

The competition between Apple and Amazon extends beyond online shopping since Amazon has now launched the Kindle Fire tablet to take on the iPad range. Although the Kindle Fire is half the price of the entry level iPad equivalent, it is still a competitive tablet.