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Apple e-commerce overhaul rumoured

09 April 2012 - 10:22 by Simon Crisp

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Apple, which has recently become one of the UK's most popular online retailers, thanks to the excitement surrounding its iPhone and iPad devices, will be making major changes to its e-commerce portal in the coming weeks.

This is according to a report from Apple Insider, which notes that the firm has actually posted hints about the impending updates on its site over the past few days.

Beady-eyed observers of the education segment of Apple's service which offers safe shopping online to those in the UK and elsewhere, saw a statement apparently originating from within the manufacturer.

The statement said that the user interface (UI) of the online shopping outlet will be revolutionised, to be much less complicated, while retaining all of its functions.

Apple also plans to deliver a more secure, cohesive experience during safe shopping online, so users will be able to make purchases and check up on their orders, without having their private data compromised or shared without their knowledge.

It seems that the changes may not be made for a few weeks to come, because a second Apple statement implies that details about the specific alterations which are being made will be spread out over a short expanse of time.

It is safe to assume that if you are already an Apple customer, then you will be able to retain your current ID number and password, so that you can continue to use the service once it is re-launched in its new guise.

Prior to this point, the updates to Apple's e-commerce service have been incremental rather than revolutionary, but it seems that the Californian company is getting ready to completely renew its online presence.

Apple has received plenty of praise for its products, but there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to its online service.