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Analysts identify most hectic online shopping minute of 2010

08 December 2010 - 11:34 by Simon Crisp

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The amount of consumer cash that is being pumped into the e-commerce market as Christmas approaches has been the topic of considerable media coverage over the last few weeks, but now analysts at IMRG have managed to pinpoint the minute during which the most money was spent in the entire year.

The minute in question began on Monday the 6th of December at quarter past one in the afternoon. In this 60 second period it is estimated that £815,000 was spent by people taking part in safe shopping online from their homes, mobile phones or places of work.

IMRG says that sales on Monday were up by a fifth compared to the same period in 2009, with close to a million pounds spent in a minute on one of the year's busiest days for e-commerce retailers.

IMRG's MD David Smith spoke about the analysis of the sales at the start of the week, explaining that with more than 50 per cent of UK consumers now using websites to enjoy safe shopping online, it is no surprise that Christmas 2010 will be another bumper period for e-commerce firms.

IMRG is sticking with its previous estimation, that £6.4 billion will be invested in online shopping by consumers this month alone, with even more expected to be shelled out on the high street as people rush to grab gifts and make sure everyone is happy this year.

Mr Smith spoke about the way in which the fragile economy might be perceived as a roadblock to many spending as much as they would like, but said that while this may be the case, many would be spreading the cost of Christmas, so as to lessen the financial impact and have a good time in the wintry months.