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Amazon Wins Amongst Young Consumers

11 April 2019 - 10:11 by David Aiken

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A new study has shown that e-commerce titan Amazon is likely to remain at the top of the online shopping tree for the foreseeable future thanks to its popularity and recognition amongst the next generation of prospective customers.

Business Insider reports that a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray has found that half of teenagers who fall into the Gen Z age bracket see Amazon as the top site to use for safe shopping online.

The next most popular e-commerce site accounted for a slice of the popular vote that was ten times smaller than that mustered by Amazon, suggesting that it is effectively unchallenged in this space.

Furthermore, analysts found that Amazon has actually improved its standing amongst younger consumers in the past 12 months, allowing it to solidify its position.

This is good news for Amazon but bad news for its competitors and could raise questions about the issue of competitiveness in the e-commerce space. With one company cornering such a significant slice of the market, it might be questionable as to whether consumers can be certain of getting the best value when ordering online.

Earlier analysis by industry experts had suggested that there may be a drop-off in interest surrounding e-commerce amongst Gen Z consumers, marking a stark contrast with the enthusiasm for this activity that exists amongst Millennials. However, the fact that Amazon seems to hold so much sway as a brand runs counter to such claims and paints a generally positive picture of the future shape that the market might take.

Amazon proves to be more popular amongst males than females in the latest rankings, although this may shift as Gen Z-ers get a little older and their priorities change, shifting in favour of a more general all-purpose outlet rather than favouring branded stores.