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Amazon seeks bricks and mortar outlets in London

10 February 2017 - 09:05 by Graham Miller

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The UK capital could soon play host to a store operated by US retail giant, Amazon, according to a report in the Times.

Insiders have revealed that many different sites are being considered for the project, which would see the firm move from safe shopping online into the high street, echoing moves it has taken in North America.

It is speculated that once Amazon has decided on a location to use, it will set up a Go grocery store, which combines e-commerce with the convenience and instantaneousness of the real world retail experience.

Amazon Go operates without the need for checkouts, as customers simply wander in, select the items they need and leave, with digital systems working out what they have snapped up and billing them automatically for the correct amount.

Some have suggested that Amazon is also looking to set up a book shop in London, as it has already taken this step in a number of US cities, including Seattle and San Diego on the west coast. However, there is debate over whether this will come later, as the firm seems to be focusing on its Prime subscription service and same day delivery in the UK.

Amazon has so far refused to confirm or deny these rumours, with its silence on the matter suggesting that it could well be taking steps to enter the bricks and mortar market, at least in a small way.

Whether Amazon stores will eventually pop up across the country is a different matter. It seems that it is most comfortable dominating the world of safe shopping online, while its high street efforts have been on a small scale, designed to build publicity and awareness, rather than representing a serious new strand of the firm’s business strategy.