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Amazon puts new spin on grocery shopping

30 July 2015 - 13:47 by Graham Miller

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While it is best known for offering safe shopping online across the globe, Amazon has also made a few forays into the world of bricks and mortar retail over the years, with most of its efforts concentrated on its native US.

Now, the Telegraph reports that the firm is having a fresh stab at capturing the market for grocery sales by introducing a drive-through store, which stocks various food items in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Although the concept of a drive-through grocery store may sound novel, it is essentially just Amazon’s answer to the click and collect delivery services that retailers like Tesco have been offering in the UK for some time.

The idea is that customers will be able to order fruits, vegetables and a host of other products, via safe shopping online, then head to a collection point once everything has been put together for them by Amazon’s team.

It is crucial to note at this point that Amazon itself has not confirmed the existence of such a scheme, but that these reports are, instead, coming from sources close to the company, who state that it has procured a new piece of land in California on which to base its first grocery pick-up point.

The pickup point itself will be attached to a warehouse operated by the company, which will allow for grocery orders of all kinds to be fulfilled.

Customers will apparently have the option to select a pickup window of their choice, with options varying from fifteen minutes to two hours.

Presumably, the more specific windows will be more expensive and it would not be surprising if Amazon offered benefits to customers of its Prime subscription service. If Amazon starts offering click and collect groceries to customers in the UK, then retailers will really begin to worry.