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Amazon planning shopping centre delivery service

14 September 2011 - 14:25 by Simon Crisp

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Online retailer Amazon is going to make it easier for consumers who work during the day to pick up the products that they have ordered via e-commerce by setting up drop box delivery lockers in UK shopping centres.

In the past it has been necessary for many people to take time off work so that they can be available at home to take delivery of items ordered via safe shopping online. Either that or consumers have had to travel to their post or parcel depot after a failed delivery.

This has made many people avoid buying goods online in favour of shopping in store because it saves all of this hassle, but Amazon is likely to be the first firm to address this issue head first.

Retail Week reports that Amazon's pseudo-click & collect service will allow users to select a local shopping centre to which their products will be delivered. They will be stored in a drop box with a coded lock and Amazon will email the password to the buyer so that they can gain access.

Amazon is apparently pushing ahead with this plan and will have its first set of lockers up and running later this week.

It will be inexpensive for Amazon to hire space for its lockers in shopping centres as they are likely to be placed in corridors where access is easy but rent will not be as high as having a bricks and mortar presence.

US consumers have already experienced a similar service from Amazon which partners with convenience store chain 7-Eleven to let those who buy products via safe shopping online collect them locally whenever they are free.

Making online deliveries easier to accept will be a welcome feature for many consumers who want to pop out in their lunch breaks to pick up an item rather than sit at home in anticipation of a parcel.