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Amazon Outlines Plans to Run UK Operations on Renewable Resources

29 October 2019 - 14:55 by Graham Miller

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Amazon saw its sales rise by almost a quarter in the past three months, in part explaining its decision to spend a lot on renewable energy to help fuel its services that are available to customers and clients in the UK.

In particular, it has just confirmed a deal to use wind power to provide electricity to its data centres, which are used to help Brits carry out safe shopping online as well as offer up the necessary infrastructure to other technology firms.

Amongst the other announcements made as Amazon prepares to enter its 25th year of offering e-commerce to customers during the festive shopping period was the news that it was rolling out a bespoke shopping service to target fashion fans, according to Internet Retailing.

Furthermore, it is also creating a fresh type of networking solution which is intended to link in with the Internet of Things (IoT), effectively allowing for smoother connectivity between low-powered gadgets around the home, all of which will be controllable via its own Alexa platform.

Amazon is aiming to power 80 per cent of its services with renewable energy within the next five years, before converting to a completely eco-friendly approach in time for 2030, which is why deals like the wind power arrangement struck in the UK make a big difference.

Also on its sustainability agenda is the move to spend $100 million on planting trees and addressing various other climate-change-related issues. It will even be snapping up 100,000 EVs in order to make zero-emissions home deliveries a reality.

All of this is obviously good news for those customers who want to use Amazon to shop online, as they can do so with a clearer conscience about the environmental impact of their purchases.