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Amazon may launch four new tablets for shopping fans

21 September 2015 - 12:15 by Graham Miller

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The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet range could be set to grow significantly in the near future, with leaked images suggesting that four new models are on the way, according to TechRadar.

The pictures were apparently pulled from Amazon’s official servers, meaning that they are likely to be official. And officials suggest that the smallest model will feature a six inch display, while the largest of the bunch is a full 10 inch tablet that takes on the likes of the iPad.

Where things get even more interesting is the rumour that Amazon will be ditching its standard tablet interface and, instead, embracing the unadulterated Android experience, according to EV Leaks.

This means that its next tablets could be far more versatile and less locked down, enabling people to avoid simply being compelled to make content purchases at every turn.

While the Amazon Fire Phone was effectively killed off earlier this month, the Kindle Fire range is going strong and showing that the e-commerce giant has done a better job of fashioning affordable tablets than smartphones.

The low price has helped the Kindle Fire range find favour with consumers, while the fact that Amazon has been able to sell it directly to its millions of customers, through its own platform for safe shopping online, has certainly helped with marketing.

The closest competitor to the Kindle Fire has been Google’s Nexus family of tablets, which are also sold at close to cost, to enable the highest possible uptake.

Meanwhile, Apple’s new iPad Pro continues the trend of this market leader releasing high end, high cost models. And with iPad sales stagnating, perhaps now is the time for Apple to follow in the footsteps of Amazon and Google.