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Amazon launching m-commerce app for Windows Phone 7

14 February 2011 - 11:57 by Mike Price

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Online retailer Amazon is hoping to bag a bigger share of the m-commerce market with the launch of a dedicated app designed for Microsoft's new smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7.

This news comes just days after Windows Phone 7 got a shot in the arm, as a result of Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia announcing that it would be banking on the platform for its next generation of handsets.

The Amazon app will allow customers of the e-commerce firm to enjoy safe shopping online from their mobiles, without having to use the web browser.

According to Tech 2, the Amazon app will ensure that all payments are secure as they will be made directly through secure services operated by the firm, which will be good news for anyone who was concerns about the safety of online shopping via mobile phones.

The Windows Phone 7 Amazon app will feature all of the capabilities you would expect from the main site, including one-click buying, wish list support and the ability to track your order. The app has been specifically tailored to fit the look and feel of Microsoft's platform, with smooth swiping and touch-friendly menus.

Amazon has been a consistent supporter of Windows Phone 7 since it launched, adding its Kindle eBook reader service to the platform and now allowing customers to carry out safe shopping online from anywhere with Wi-Fi or 3G network coverage.

At the moment there is still debate over whether retailers are better off creating individual apps to sell their goods, or relying on improved mobile sites, which need to harness the native web browsers of modern smartphones.

Apps may be a better way of ensuring brand loyalty but many consumers will like the ability to compare shops and have the freedom to get the best deal in a neutral browser environment.