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Amazon launches service to help people discover new brands

16 March 2015 - 14:30 by Mike Price

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A new area of Amazon's online ecosystem is being launched to give shoppers easy access to products from brands that are little known but just starting to make their mark, according to The Drum.

Amazon Exclusives will be a place that people can go to if they want to shop online without encountering only well known brand names at every turn. Launching in the US at first, it will feature items being sold by companies that have yet to permeate the mainstream.

Some of these brands and products will have enjoyed their first flush of exposure courtesy of Dragons' Den-style reality shows, although this will not be Amazon's sole source of exclusives.

Company spokesperson, Peter Faricy, explained that part of the reason Amazon was pursuing this course was to give buyers early access to products which are not yet on sale anywhere else. This level of exclusivity will certainly be a selling point, although it's likely to be a bone of contention for other online retailers which are not getting in on the act.

Crucially, it seems that while people will not be able to buy these items via safe shopping online with any other outlet, they will still be shipped to physical stores to engage with consumers on the high street.

Hopefully, Amazon Exclusives will be successful enough to merit its launch in the UK later in the year, especially since start-ups and entrepreneurial products are capable of gaining traction here, thanks to the high profile such efforts have received courtesy of TV shows.

Brands will, no doubt, be shaped by the support and exposure offered by Amazon and consumers will enjoy having the chance to experience an item which is soon to become a household name, before anyone else.